Saturday, July 04, 2015

Flipping Flint

Thursday Story Strip Day.

If, like me, you have never decided if Vic Flint was a strip wirth collecting, because you could never read more then a couple of single samples, here's your chance. I found a paper that placed six daiies a week which made clipping them easier. Here is a whole year of this graphically unremarkable strip,which has a long and prosperous run from the forties to the sixties. A sort of low rent Ken Drake, I guess.

Friday, July 03, 2015

Barreling Along

Wednesday Illustration Day.

In the early sixties, Al Jaffee got himself a bit of extra work by illustrating a gag book from Scholastic. Publishing books and magazines for schools and school children, they never shied away from comic book material or artists. Jerry Robinson illustrated a couple of their young adventure novels and a few years later after this, Bud Blake did a kid's book as well. In 1958 they published two articles about Stan Lee and Joe Maneely's newspaper strip Mrs. Lyons Cubs. I have copies of one of those two instances, but only a written record of the second. Anyone with comics related material in their Scholastic magazines can see me after class. I have shown these before, but accidentally without the cover.

Pretty Pappy

Tuesday Comic Strip Day.

Over the last few years I have been showing some of Bud Sagendorf's early Popeye Sunays. They are a forgotten gem, displaying all of his qualities at a time when newspaper strips were still given the room they need. In August of 1959 Bud Sagendorf took over the daily strip from Ralph Stein (co-signed by Bill Zaboly, who was supposed to have written it - although I am not sure if he actually did at that point). He immediately drops all of the Stein-introduced new characters and returns to the old favorites, starting with Popaye's dad.