Sunday, December 21, 2014

Stay Safe!

Saturday Leftover Day.

Here's a great Caniff WII warning poster I came across in a Sunday paper.

Real Crime Clues

Friday Comic Book Day.

The last two weeks of the year I have taken off from work. I am waiting for some plans to go through anyway. Great to finally be abe to sit down and read a bit. Even better, last week I go tnew (digital) idues of Alter Ego, The Jack Kirby Collector and Comic Book Creator from the good folks at Twomorrows. Ever since they sent me digital copies to try out a year ago, I have been reading these excellent magazines on my Ipad. If you do notyet have a susciption and are not sure if you shoudl commit your money, go to their site and try some stuff out. You might even sart with oneof the issues of Alter Ego that have real proper articles by me, like When Jacob Met Stanley in The Jack Kirby Collector (about Jack Kirby's often confused two returns to Marvel in the late fifties) or my two parter on Mad comic book imitations for Alter Ego #86 en #91 (which inspired Fantagraphic to ask John Benson to produce a reprint book about those same imitations, without telling me of course). In this week's Alter Ego one of the main attractions is the first part of a huge reptrospective of the work of Dan Barry, who is mostly now for his work on Flash Gordon but had a whole (influential) career in comics before that. Here to ilustrate s one of those stories, from Real Clue Crime Stories.

Holy S-Hit

Thursday Story Strip Day.

I have shown quite a lot of The Saint from the late fifties and early sixties, because for a while it was ghostdrawn by Bob Lubbers. But I have more. The Saint was a widely distributed strip and I have always scanned it when I came across it. So here is a larger run rom 1958 adn 1959, not complete but running up to the point in September 1959 when Lubbers took over. added a couple of black and wite scans I could pull from papers on microfiche, but the main attraction here are the selfmade color scans of course. Not complte, but still a good read and at least nice to look at The artist is former Eisner assistant John Spranger, who produced quite a popular strip for more than ten years. Too bad about the goatee.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Adams Of Arabia

Wednesday Advertising Day.

My regular visitors will now I like newpaper comic strip ads that use or advertise movies. These two are special, because they seem to be aprt of a series and they are probably drawn by industry giant Neal Adams. I say probably, because at the time of these ads was already doing his newspaper strip Ben Casey (daily and Sunday) and his former collegue at Johnstone and Cushing Tom Scheuer had a very similar style. Still this looks like Adams' work to me - and they are fun. Since these type of ads usually appeared once every two weeks, there could be two more inbetween.