Thursday, March 23, 2017

Not Entirely Borthless

Story Strip Day.

Getting these wans't easy. the site I worked from (Fulton History) does not have a proper search function and all the papers are listed one page at the time (which is a pain when you don't know how many pages each edition is or on what page the strips are printed). So what I have is chronological, but spotty.

It is also a rare find. I have never seen this strip anywhere. I do know the artist though. Frank Borth's claim to fame in comic world is the fact that he worked exculsively the Catholic Guild's Treasure Chest series, usually doing a short story in each issue. His style there is hasty and sloppy, but here we see him trying his best to make the story come alive. I would not call the style itself in the school of Caniff, but it is certaily inspired by it. So enjoy it here - I don;t think it is ever going to be collected anywhere. He's not even mentioned on/in Alan Holtz' Stripper's Guide (at least not the blog with samples, though he is in his excellent book)!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Open The Gates

Wednesday Advertising Day.

Art Gates is in my new book on Mad imitators Behaving Madly with quite a spectacular parody of the movie Blackboard Jungle with Glen Ford. It was done in the style of Harvey Kurtzman's Mad magazine parodies and it's very well drawn. At the same time cartoonist Gates was drawing romance comics in a much more realistic style, based on John Prentice's version of Alex Raymond's Rip Kirby. And he was not far away from selling a daily newspaper cartoon about his time in the army. And he had just done a four issue series of Hillbilly comics for Charlton in a style that could be called similar to Mort Drucker's movie parody style, altough Drucker hadn't invented that style yet at that point. All of these things I have shown here before and you can find them by following the link. Tat will also lead you to a series of cartoon style 'sponsored' newspaper strips featuring a Milkman. Recently I came across a longer run of these ad gags, so here they are.

And Stay Here!

Tuesday Comic Strip Day.

I love Eek and Meek when they were still mice. In fact, I love anything by Howie Schneider. He may not have been the most consistantly funny comic strip artist around, but every once in a while he has a gag that is hilarious. Guess which one is my favorite here.